Psychotherapy and Counselling – My Approach

The difference I have made to my clients’ lives is partly down to my training and experience. Most important is my ability to connect with you on a human level, on a basis of trust, compassion and sincerity. I provide a safe, nurturing space where you feel comfortable and confident to explore your issues. I also help you understand the positive impact that proper diet, exercise and relaxation can have on your mental health.In my regular clinics in Taunton I use a range of therapeutic techniques including EMDR for PTSD, addiction, depression, panic attacks and low self-esteem.

If you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or anger issues. If you are exhausted through overwork or struggling to deal with illness, loss or grief, please get in touch. An initial phone consultation will cost you nothing. It will help us jointly decide whether I am the right therapist for you and whether you need a short or longer tem programme of treatment.

Call me now on 07956 832821

Techniques and Therapies

I use a Transpersonal and Integrative approach with a range of therapeutic interventions including Person-centred therapy, Analytical Psychology, Psychodynamics, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),Dreamwork, Group Therapy and Mindfulness and EMDR.

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