Addiction and Compulsive Behaviour

I am one of the few psychotherapists in Devon and Somerset to specialise in helping people overcome drug or alcohol addictions. I have a high rate of success with these conditions and can also help you avoid the destructive consequences of compulsive behaviour related to gambling, sex or eating. I have extensive experience in this field including at the Priory Clinic, Roehampton, which I have now brought to my regular clinic in Taunton, Somerset.

One feature of addictions is that they always get worse over time. Unless you get the right treatment and support, your addiction, behaviour and relationships will deteriorate. Leaving things and hoping that they will get better on their own never works. Through therapy I can help you achieve abstinence and improve the quality of your life and your relationships. Addiction is highly treatable.

My approach to therapy is to help you understand the nature of addiction, identifying unhealthy behaviour and the thinking patterns that will lead you to a relapse. I’ll also equip you with effective coping strategies to manage and alter your behaviour

Support for families and partners

Families and partners find the process of dealing with addiction distressing and challenging, I help the families or partners of addicts through therapy and by setting boundaries and ways of coping.

Addictions: pathways of recovery

Where necessary I can refer you to the most appropriate pathway of recovery; through detoxification, residential treatment centres, day programmes and recovery in the community supported by relevant charities such as Alcoholics or Gamblers Anonymous. I can also put your family and friends in touch with effective support through Alcoholics Anonymous.

Do you have a problem with drugs, alcohol or gambling?

Each of the websites below provides practical advice and questions you can ask yourself to see if you are developing an unhealthy dependency.
Drugs - Click Here
Alcohol – Click Here
Gambling- Click Here

If you think you might have a problem, there is a high chance that you do. Please get in touch now and start regaining control over your life. Call me on 07956 832821.

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